Bonnie Mutchler

It is with a heavy heart that we post this; a heavy and horrified heart, I should say. As you may know, Jonathan  has devoted his life (or at least two days a week) to uncovering the horror that is the Terrible turtle Conspiracy. In the course of his investigations into whether voodoo against Mother-in-Laws was in any way related to the evil Turtle Overlord (I’m sure that’s what he was doing) he found out something so startling, so horrific, that words fail:

bonnie mutchler

Yes, Jo’s  OWN MOTHER is one of the conspirators  helping the turtles infiltrate and overthrow mankind for some nefarious purpose (That no one’s figured out –erm – I mean, discovered yet.)

bonnie mutchler page

Doesn’t that mysterious voodoo comic page send a shiver down your spine, especially at the mention of the Great Turtle Overlord? Aren’t you outraged? But, never fear! Though there may be traitors to humanity in our midst, remember that there’s always hope! Both Jonathan and Jo are working tirelessly to bring you updates in the story of the Terrible Turtles and their evil Conspiracy! Regardless of the fact that the comic rarely has anything to do with the conspiracy… Just roll with it.

Besides being Jo’s mom, Bonnie Mutchler is a fantastic poet who has several published collections including Inside the Worm and From the Mist. You can find more information on her and her work at

*Participants in the Terrible Turtle Conspiracy actually AGREED to be manga-nized by Jo and have their personalities mangled by Jonathan. Bribery may have been involved, but we’re not telling.


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