Chapter Eleven: Page Thirteen

Last week, the terrible turtles complicated things by…well, I’m SURE those technical issues were their fault. Who else would it be? Anyway, we’re back!


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Chapter Twelve: Page Twelve

Axe has returned! What? Where’s the celebration? I mean, sure, ok, it’s just Axe, but…. never mind. i see your point. Anyway, here’s the new page:


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A Message from Terminus

Jo and Jonathan may be too busy vacationing to attend to this blog, but I, Terminus the turtle, have taken time to make sure you have something to look at this week – something that is far more informative than the usual silly comic. Behold! A message from the High Turtle Overlord!


LIVE! 9/27/16




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Chapter Eleven: Page Eleven

And the plot thickens…



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Chapter Eleven: Page 10

And we’re back with a new page! If you haven’t voted in the Super IMportant Poll, please take a minute to do so now…


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Chapter Eleven: Page Nine

TTC is late this week because our artist is sick. Poor Jo. She needs some hot tea and a comfy blankey. Okay, just the tea, she already has the blankets. Donations for tea can be made at (ha ha!)

Seriously, though, There is something we need you to do this week – we need your vote in the Super Important Poll! Check it out for all the details!

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