Jo and Jonathan Are Cool


What? You don’t believe me? For shame! Then allow me to prove it to you.

Joleene Naylor is the pen and pencil behind the Terrible Turtle Conspiracy. A freak who always wanted to be a mangaka, even though she doesn’t live in Japan, she jumped at the chance to illustrate the ridiculous web comic. (In fact, it was kind of sad how quickly she said yes. She didn’t even pretend think about it.) Her drawing style has improved since chapter one and is now roughly equal to that of a kindergartener drunk on paint thinner.

When she’s not drawing the webcomic, she is a freelance artist, book cover designer for hire,  and for fun photographer.  She’s also the author of the Amaranthine vampire series, and creates book covers for authors on the side. Though she lived in Southern Missouri for fourteen years, Joleene has returned to Southwest Iowa under suspicious circumstances. She lives in a crooked Victorian house with her cats, turtles, dog, assortment of family members, and, when he can find a place to sit, her husband.

You can visit her website for information on all her projects, including a list of blogs no one cares about:

Jonathan Harvey is the mastermind behind the Terrible Turtle Conspiracy. The comics are based off of the weekly silly stories he tortures Blogophilia participants with.  Though he claims that they are all original, everyone knows that he has a team of ninja hamsters secretly writing them for him (This explains a lot, really).  A lover of the comic media, it has been a dream come true to see his work turned into a webcomic, no matter how cheaply produced.

Who knows what Jonathan is doing when he’s not creating new material for the Terrible Turtle Conspiracy?  Does he have a life?  He seems to think this project should go on until the end of time.  Seriously though, Jonathan is the premier dispenser of pseudo-inspiration™ which he has coupled with real live inspiration to produce a book Shades of Plaid (A Very Unconventional Weekly Journey into Christian Living) which you can buy in ebook and paper back.

You can check him out on Facebook at  as well as send him a friend request or throw a virtual tomato at him. (He gets a lot of those).

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