Colleen Breuning

You may remember  when we told you the secret to the Terrible Turtle Conspiracy (yes, there IS a conspiracy to destroy all mankind – or else to eat the world’s supply of pizza). You may also remember that Jonathan discovered that  Audrey Michelle was a part of this conspiracy? Well, now we have something even more shocking to reveal to you….

There are others.

And not just any “others”. Thanks to Jonathan’s brilliant sleuthing and unyielding imagination – erm,  his unyielding desire to save humankind as we know it, he has uncovered the newest member of the turtles’ evil plot:


Yes, our very own Colleen B! You may know her from Blogophilia, you may know her photography, her poetry, or maybe you remember her amazing E-zine, the Blue Turtle Crossing which sadly ended in 2009– either way, I bet you didn’t know that she is a part of the Terrible Turtle Conspiracy.

colleen page

The question is this: is she really being held captive, or is it just a clever ruse? It does seem pretty genuine, doesn’t it? Jonathan has even started to organize a “Rescue Colleen Association” that has a cool logo and the nifty acronym RCA. What do you mean someone else has that copyrighted already?

Moving on, you can rest assured that Jonathan will continue to come up with – I mean uncover members of this Turtle Conspiracy. Perhaps he can even discover WHAT the conspiracy is!

I wouldn’t hold my breath on that, though.

Colleen Breuning is not only a sweet person and a gourmet cook, but also an amazing writer, and fantastic photographer.

*Participants in the Terrible Turtle Conspiracy actually AGREED  to be manga-nized by Jo and have their personalities mangled by Jonathan. Bribery may have been involved, but we’re not telling.


2 responses to “Colleen Breuning

  1. I recently set up an account at WordPress…. I had no ideas you had posted this here. It was so much fun to read again, you two are so talented!!! I loved being part of your comic series. Have you all decided to move forward with a book? Looooove the Terrible Turtle Conspiracy!

  2. Yeah, we moved here because 3.0 and the TTTC don’t work together, wo we’ve put it ALL here, LOL!

    Yep! A TTTC book is in our distant future – we’ve even kicked around the idea of putting the comics into books and selling them and maybe adding some extra content or something. I think that’s waiting on me…. *looks guilty*

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