DJ Myke and the Boombox

What IS this Terrible Turtle conspiracy? Diabolical! That’s what it is! Not only are the turtles involved evil, but they have started to “get to” those we hold near and dear around here. One such person is none other than…

dj myke button

No! this is not a mistake! Our very own DJ Myke is caught up in this terrible, terrible.. erm, well, turtle conspiracy. You don’t believe me, do you? No, I don’t blame you. When Jonathan discovered it, we could hardly believe it ourselves, but there’s evidence – evidence I tell you!

myke page

Back? Wasn’t that shocking? Though I must admit, it does look as if our dear friend DJ Myke is not so guilty as I was originally led to believe – or perhaps that is just a show! Oh the horrors! How will we ever know the truth?!?

DJ Myke was the host of the weekly Poets Round Table and Spirit Wild Chronicles. He’s still one heck of a poet and writer.

*Participants in the Terrible Turtle Conspiracy actually AGREED to be manga-nized by Jo and have their personalities mangled by Jonathan. Bribery may have been involved, but we’re not telling.


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