Hammy the Hamster?

We interrupt the normal Terrible Turtles Comic Page to bring you this disturbing question: Is Hammy the Hamster, beloved fur ball and owner/mascot of the Terrible Turtles Fantasy Baseball Team a part of the Terrible Turtle Conspiracy?

Perhaps we should ask Hammy himself:


Jonathan Harvey had this to add: So, Hammy the Hamster: is he really a member of the Terrible Turtle Conspiracy or is that what his more fiendish competitors would like to make you think? My research shows him to be a legitimate fantasy baseball team spokesman! He even has a toy that seems to promote sportsmanship.

12 responses to “Hammy the Hamster?

  1. It’s cute if a vicious kind of way though.

  2. vicious AND cute 😉

  3. Cute? “Devious” and “sinister” are more apt descriptions! The Hamster – Turtle – Hound Dawg conspiracy continues!

  4. That’s for sure. Only the true trtuth ends up in the comic.

  5. Well. OK. Maybe the very first box in the very first frame is true. The rest is pure fiction!

  6. So now the Terrible Turtles have shown themselves and confessed to trying to dominate the world through fantasy sports! Maybe next time people will not be so quick to dismiss the truth based on the excuses of a seemingly innocent Hamster spokesperson. Just one more thing to say – “I told you so”. Oh and one more thing – I have to confess the Terrible Turtles mascot picture is pretty cool.

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