A Turtley Christmas Message: Page 13


4 responses to “A Turtley Christmas Message: Page 13

  1. Yay!! That’s TWO Christmas wishes that came true!! I got to watch the TTC Christmas Special AND got the entire holiday season off from work (after breaking my leg on Thanksgiving Day!!) I’M ROLLING IN THE CLOVER HERE!!! Where are them turtledogs?? Gotta make sure that their shells are up to spec. We’ve got standards here, y’know!!

    • ah! Broken legs are no good! Though the time off is probably nice. But, it would be better with a non-broken leg….

      Aye aye! Turtle Dogs ready for inspection! *salutes*

      (if we can just get them to quit chasing those zombie bunnies! bad dog! bad dog!)

  2. Dang…who would have thunk that zombie bunnies could multiply so quickly. 😀

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