Chapter Fifteen: Page Nine

And so it continues…


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Chapter Fifteen: Page Eight

Last week we posted a coloring page – one lucky color-er will get to appear as a character in the TTC. Color the page and send it in to Jo and Jonathan (you can post it on Facebook and tag us or email me at joleene at ) and June 1st or thereabout we will announce the random winner.

Now, to the comic!


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Happy Free Comic Book Day!

You know you need a comic page to color yourself, so why not one with a giant turtle, a clown, a rubber ducky, a super sale, and a caped hero?

coloring page

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Chapter Fifteen: Page Seven

Don’t ask me…


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Chapter Fifteen: Page Six

And we are back!


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Chapter Fifteen: Page – What?


A very important message

Chapter Fifteen: Page Four

And here we go!


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