Chapter Nine: Page 3

Unfortunately this week our artist suffered a terrible infection in her hand. As such we decided to give an up an coming (read: free) artist a chance at this week’s page. I realize that they weren’t completely faithful to Jonathan’s script but I think that they managed to capture the essence, even if they can’t spell.



*Jo interrupts* Really? Are you TRYING to make NUFF even madder than they already are? Have you been reading the comic so far? NUFF means business! They’re not going to put up with anymore of this ridiculousness! These people didn’t click on this link to see some stick man and a typo, they want to see more of the NUFF trial, and NUFF suggests we give it to them – OR ELSE.


Click on the image above for the full sized page and please, PLEASE don’t complain to NUFF about that first comic page…

And don’t forget about the TTC selfie contest! Enter your turtle selfies for a chance to be featured in the comic! Get the details here. 

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