Chapter Ten: Page One

It’s the start of the new chapter – Per NUFF’s ruling, we are presenting a classic story.



Also per NUFF’s ruling, Jonathan must conduct Public Service. He has thought long and hard and decided the best thing he can do is warn people about what terrible things are out to ruin their lives. (You’d be surprised what might be after you!)


Do you want to know what’s out to get you? If so you can comment on our facebook fanpage OR leave your facebook link here. Jonathan will then analyze your profile and let you know what it is that wants to ruin your life. Please be patient: Unlike the usual Facebook quizzes, Jonathan is a human being, not a computer, so he will take a bit longer to get back to you. If he has you as a friend, he will leave the results on your Facebook page. Sadly, he cant post on non-friend’s pages, so if you’re not his friend he’ll have to leave it on the fanpage where you can pick it up and share it with your friends.


3 responses to “Chapter Ten: Page One

  1. Oh please help me fine what’s out to get me on my facebook page
    Stormy Gail Dormire

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