In Memoriam

In Memoria. (By Jonathan)

Bonnie Mutchler Oct 7, 1952 – Feb 15, 2021

My first interaction with Bonnie was on MySpace. I was a new friend to her daughter, Joleene Naylor. Jo had posted that Bonnie was in the hospital and she lost her big toe. I had never met Bonnie but felt comfortable replying to the post, “That little piggy said he was going to the market and never came home.” Instead of being horrified, Bonnie thought it was funny. She became a big fan of “The Terrible Turtle Conspiracy” and I had the honor of being a friend of Jo’s that Bonnie actually liked.

What I know about Bonnie Mutchler. She was the artistic type. She wrote poetry and could make book covers. She had such a deep respect for life that she refused to eat animals. She was the only vegetarian I’ve ever met who really didn’t like vegetables all that much. I know that she was very proud of Joleene and was very supportive in all Jo’s creative works.

I had the honor of meeting Bonnie face to face when I made a trip to Iowa in 2019. While she spent most of her time in her room, she visited a little. She even settled the big debate over whether Joleene or I was the evil twins (we’re not actual twins). Her answer? She said we both were evil. Way to call it Bonnie! Over all, every interaction I had with Bonnie Mutchler (though too few) was a positive one. I can say that I am happy to have gotten to know her.

As I mentioned earlier Bonnie was a fan of “The Terrible Turtle Conspiracy”. She was such a fan that we wrote her into the comic on more than one occasion. Below I have included some snippets of her from the comic. It is with heavy heart that we are retiring her character. She will always hold a special place on our pages and in our hearts.

We will miss you Bonnie.

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